May 27

Ugandan’s party FDC gave up…

Somehow it was a hard day today and tomorrow will become more hard, but that is okay! What happened and happens in Uganda is far different from being oka! Like the whole ongoing mess in East Africa (Burundi, CAR, DRC, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan) is not going well! People were abducted, kidnapped, tortured and killed for the greedy reasons of a few. Dictators everywhere, cowards everywhere, frauds everywhere! And what is more worse: MISTRUST everywhere! It seems to be easy to make people go into struggles for nonsense reasons like different tribal origin or different religious belief. And also for difference in colour or whatever other different preferences…
Today Ugandans opposition gave up and started to follow the same old rules of the same old dictator! Again the hope of Ugandans is destroyed and people loose more trust in ideas of a better future. The misery will go on! If WE ALL TOGETHER will not connect for ideas of making a common change!
I am a German who has never entered Africa, never has been in Uganda, but I share your feelings of depression and frustration! Please, hold on! Try to interconnect to more people outside of Uganda, outside of Africa and trust into yourselves! A change is possible and needed but can not come up from just a handfull of persons! We need to invest more efforts into becoming more tolerant instead of ignorant! We need to build up a STRONG global network in which we have to backbone each others – also if we not always agree to every our individual attitudes or living styles! We are humans! We share the same planet!
Keep it in mind, please, and share our all efforts towards a better world, a better future for all of us!

May 1


I am very tired today. After opening the poultry stable and giving them food I just opened horse stable also and let them leave for a snack on the pasture. So I was able to clean their boxes and prepare their morning food. Then I went back to my rooms, undressing and going for a second run in bed. When I woke up it was close to my duty time at noon – again for cleaning and preparing their lunch food. Until this time I did not even had a little breakfast! LOL.

In the later afternoon I had an interesting chat with my one sister in UK about this and that of problems to develop not only ugandan’s economy but also the attitude of lazy ugandan youth. Okay, Uganda is a field of big interest for me! I have a lot of friends and family there and they all lack not only of some money to start up but also lack of visions, ideas, trust in themselves as also in their fellow citizens. Uganda is under a very brutal dictatorship where a life does not count!

Now, it is 9:15 pm CET, I made my decision to watch a movie.

Have a good night!

April 30

New outfit…

As you see I again changed thew outfit of my WordPress based website! I can tell you! This lot of different available themes (I tried enough) include too much themes what does not give you any intelligent idea or advice how to manage them and how to do your personal changes. So, at least, I decided for a very simple and decent but also nice theme.

Feel free to comment about!